How to obtain Certification ?

  • Ask for / Download CVI application form for certification you are interested in..
  • Fill in this form, providing details of your organization, no of employees and scope of certification etc. and return to Veritas CVI Certifications (P) Ltd. office at Faridabad.
  • On acceptance of your application, Veritas CVI shall send you a competitive quote towards certification charges and other terms and Certification Agreement form.
  • You are required to provide your acceptability of the offer& return offer letter duly accepted to Veritas CVI Certifications (P Ltd. office.
  • You are also required to go through the terms and conditions of the Certification Agreement and provide acceptability of the same by signing the agreement and returning to Veritas CVI Certifications (P) Ltd.
  • Remit Certification Fee to Veritas CVI, as indicated in the quote accepted by you.
  • One of the Executives / Manager Operations of Veritas CVI Certifications (P) Ltd. shall get in touch with you for  finalizing the scope of certification and dates of Stage – I & stage–II audit. You shall be sent details of audit team, audit program for the duration of three years and audit plan for stage –I audit.    
  • Stage-I audit is to assess the adequacy of your system in terms of its documentation & structure. Whereas Stage – II audit is on site certification audit.
  • Submit details of QMS / its documentation for initial review of documentation by CVI Lead Assessor. 
  • On completion of documentation review, Veritas CVI certifications shall send you documentation review report indicating short comings if any and allowing you sufficient time to make modifications in the system to meet the adequacy requirements.
  • Once you are ready for stage-II audit, you shall intimate Veritas CVI Certifications (P) Ltd. so that the audit team is formed and notified to you along with Audit Plan for this audit.
  • On the agreed date the certification audit is performed as per requirements of the applicable standard and scope of the audit as agreed earlier. However, befor start of the audit, an Lead Assessor shall once again confirm the scope of audit from you at the time of opening meeting.
  • On completion of certification audit, Lead Assessor shall declare findings of audit during closing meeting and would confirm to you if he is recommending your organization for grant of the certificate.
  • Always remember that it is prerogative of CVI to grant the certificate. Validity of the certification is for three years subject to your passing the initial audit and two subsequent surveillance audits conducted with in 7-11 & 19-23 months of certification audit.
  • When you are nearing completion of 3 years of certification, you may apply again for re-certification.